Buddy McKeel Scholarship for Children of First Responders

The Buddy McKeel Scholarship for Children of First Responders’ (BMS) mission is to bless the children of Carteret County’s first responders through scholarships for higher education. As a community, we value the sacrifices of these selfless heroes and their service to our county. By investing in their children, we can help change their futures which will benefit our community simultaneously. It is amazing the lives we can change by coming together for a greater purpose.

Buddy McKeel loved Carteret County and was raised to value the sacrifices of our first responders. He lived his life as an example of determination, hard work, and giving his all to his family, friends, and community. His loving spirit and Christian faith are what drives the scholarship today and will sustain it in the years to come. This scholarship is a way to honor his memory and to honor those that sacrifice for the community.

Our goal is to provide scholarships to deserving seniors who are also children of the Carteret County first responders.  An excellent candidate would be a student that not only excels academically but someone that gives back to the community by volunteering and/or participating in extra-curricular activities. The scholarship can be used at a four-year university, trade school or community college. Further details and applications will be available through each of the three Carteret County high schools or online at www.buddymckeelscholarship.org. The scholarship funds are being raised through the efforts of volunteers, community members, local businesses, and Buddy’s family members. We are grateful for their time, resources, and services, all of which are an investment in the first responders of Carteret County, Buddy’s legacy and the scholarship recipients.